With a Short Sale You Can Avoid Foreclosure in Louisville and Get Peace of Mind

Imagine the peace and tranquility of getting that mortgage out of your life!

  • Are you getting mortgage payment collection robo calls from India, Philippines and other bank call-centers?
  • Worried what the mailman is bringing?
  • Worried who may knock on your door?
  • Owe more on the house than the house is worth?

Please know you have options. The bank doesn’t want your house.

Your lender recognizes your hardship and has a commonly used program called a “short sale”.

A short sale happens when the lender accepts an amount SHORT of what is owed. In most cases the lender forgives any deficiency.

It is much cheaper for your lender to accept a short sale settlement now than go through the the long and costly foreclosure process.

As your short sale expert Realtor, I market your house and attract buyers. Regardless of how much you owe, the buyers will pay market value. I submit the buyer’s offer to you and your lender. Once the lender approves an offer acceptable to them, the buyer proceeds to closing and your house sells and your mortgage gets released.

Your lender pays the Realtor commissions and usually pays all your closing costs and fees so you don’t have to. Remember, the lender will go to great lengths NOT to own your house.

Your house sells as-is, you don’t have to fix anything or make those improvements  that others said you should do.

I have helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure in the Louisville area. Please call me any time at (502) 664-7827 for more information. Many testimonials can be read here.

Dave Halpern

Real Estate Broker, Louisville Short Sale Expert Realtors

(502) 664-7827


Sellers looking for foreclosure help in Louisville, KY should call Dave Halpern, Realtor, Louisville Short Sale Expert Realtors, (502) 664-7827. I will dedicate to you all the time you need for a full explanation of the process. We are compassionate, caring and patient. I will listen to your needs and wishes and customize a strategy to meet your circumstances.

I will provide you detailed information about foreclosure options and short sales. We help dozens of sellers avoid foreclosure every single year in Louisville, Jefferson County, Oldham County, Bullitt County, Shelby County, Nelson County and Spencer County.

We can help. You have options. Call even if you think your house isn’t sellable. Put an expert real estate agent on your side. Many testimonials available.


About Avoid Foreclosure in Louisville with Dave Halpern, Realtor (502) 664-7827

Dave Halpern, Realtor, in Louisville KY, helps homeowner avoid foreclosure by negotiating a short sale with their lender. The lender pays the Realtor commission so the seller doesn't have to.
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